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ed. >> tonight from the petraeus scandal to the white house and beyond. what else was the white house hiding from you, the roaders, before election day? the architect karl rove exposes how the president is secretly implementing thousands of regulationing that will impact every aspect of your life. what happens when you are an actress and you dare to support a republican? we are live in studio with disgusting details. all of that plus dick morris, congressman allen west and why he's demanding a recount. hannity starts right here right now. >> that was each and every passing day americans are
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learning from scandals, events and even acts of war that the obama administration worked to keep secret until after the election. on friday, three days after, we learn that david petraeus, the head of the cia, was stepping down because of an extramarital affair. first i want to say that david petraeus is one of a greatest genuine hero. he is the first general in generations to turn around a war america was losing to iraq and 2006 and 2007 and he helped divert defeat. and for general petraeus to do what he did when he was director of the central intelligence agency, it was triple problem inmatic and opened him up to blackmail. for people who say it's a private matter, you are simply wrong. you can't have the cia director of america involved in a fair. once the affair was revealed, there was not a question in petraeus's mind that he needed to resign. but the story doesn't simply end there. now the white house claims that
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the president first received information about the affair on thursday. but a source close to journallest ron kessler, who will join me in a few minutes, says that's highly unlikely, and here's why. way back on october 10th kessler himself was informed by the petraeus affair by a veteran agent of the fbi. top officials had been briefed about the investigation, according to him, including the fbi director, robert meehler. here's what really happened. the decision was made to delay the resignation to avoid potential embarrass men to the president before the election. in short the president or somebody close to him decided to put politics first. and, quote.
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>> now, conveniently petraeus's decision to step down on friday will also prevent him from appearing before congressional investigators later this week. but that's not the only thing that americans were not told before they filled out their ballots last tuesday. on thursday, two days after the election, we were informed that iran had recently attempted to shoot down a u.s. drone that was flying in international airspace. that happened on november 1. in other words, you were not informed about an act of war perpetrated by a rogue regime that's hell bent on the destruction of israel. why? because politics takes precedence under the obama administration and both post election surprises all come on the heels of benghazi. remember, when the president had his way that truth would still be hidden as well and we would all still be blaming the death of four americans on a youtube movie trailer. it's time to lift the veil of secrecy. joining me now to do just that is ronald kessler.
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and utah congressman jason chaffetz is with us. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do you make of it? >> this administration is withholding information from the american people and they are engaged in a concerted effort to mislead the world and mislead the american people. >> to what extent do you think this was connect today benghazi? why now? he was supposed to testify this week. >> it's so suspicious. it's not a coincidence. he is probably the one that knows most about what happened or didn't happen in benghazi. a lot of senators don't believe he was telling the truth before. this begs more questions than it answers. >> ron kessler, you knew october 10th that this had taken place? >> yeah. i was still working on it, getting more corroboration. but the agent who gave me this
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information said the decision had been made, even though they knew way back in the spring in affair was going on to hold off until after the election and that's exactly what happened. >> who made that decision? do we know yet? >> bob muellr and the justice department. i'm quite sure president obama knew about it and gave the order. there's no other reason why they would have be held. this i was told by an fbi agent at a lie level, if this involved a high level fbi executive, he would have been out the door the same day. they wouldn't have left him in office. yet he was in office from the spring until october. and then just by coincidence obama is told two days after the election? it's so transparent that this is a big coverup. and the real issue, as you mentioned, is issue. and that is russian foreign intelligence criminals, if they had gotten on to this affair, would have used it as blackmail
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against petraeus to get our biggest secrets, and that's why with the security clearance you are not supposed to compromise yourself in this way. >> let me go to the congressman. so the fbi director had to know. he meets with the president. eric holder had to know, he meets with the president. we are saying a cia director that is involved in a compromising situation that's correct that was not brought to the attention of the president? what if it wasn't? is that not dereliction of duty in is that not incompetence on that part? if the president did know, what does it mean to you? >> general petraeus is not the head of fish and wildlife, he's the director of the cia. what he eats for breakfast is going to show up on an intelligent report. of course he's immediately compromised and you have to deal with that. it better have gone to the president immediately and it should have gone to the house and intelligence -- >> if it doesn't didn't, what does that mean? even dianne feinstein was outraged about this. and there was a speech in
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october. there were some things said pretty outrageous. >> i don't know if you heard this, the cia had taken a couple libyan militia members prisoner and they think the attack on the consulate is trying to get the president back. the challenging thing for gen. petraeus, if his new position he's not allowed to communicate with the press. he has known all this. they had correspondence with the station chief in libya within 24 hours and knew what was happening. they knew what was happening in 24 hours in libya and not only that she said the libyan an numbers had taken a brings toner, which would be news, and the fact that they did ask support and help wishes has never been confirmed by the administration, she's saying -- she's giving us the inside scoop, if you are to believe her. where could she possibly get that from? >> the whole investigation, the genesis of this investigation, has to be something deeper than
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one woman who was upset with another. now you have stuff that's potentially classified information being shared out there in the public? whoever is the media reporting that on this before the election? that happened before the election as well. >> and like iran, little do we know they fired at one of our drones. benghazi is a big issue which i think was an act of war in iran. there was an interview. he said this is about something else entirely, the truth will come out. there's a lot more here than meets the eye." what do you think of that? >> i think one thing he may be referring to is this press blizzard against paula broadwell saying she sent all these threatening e-mails to all kinds of people. and i happen to know that gen. petraeus has been e-mailing members of the press with various stories, and you see it
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show up as a friend of petraeus or a family friend. and a lot of this is very self-serving. also at the same time when it comes to the press, you see these stories about the fbi investigation, why it took so long. oh, my god, it took months to figure out that someone was e-mailing someone? this is something that's done in about a half-hour. >> especially something this serious. i'm running out of time. i don'tcanning -- congressman, t question. we don't know where the president was during the attack, and why he flew out to vegas the next day, why afterwards he couldn't acknowledge it was a fair or attack. and if he knew about petraeus, what if he lied to the american people, which i contend on libya he did? what does it mean. >> it means he misled the american people and mess led the world. he can't have it both ways. >> what are the consequences? >> we have to hold them
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accountable. the cia and the department of defense, they all owe the people the truth. they know what happened but they don't even agree, they don't match-up. >> you think we are in the middle of a major coverup? >> absolutely. no doubt of my mind. if you made a movie about this, people won believe it. >> ron kessler, thank you. good to see you, congressman. and dick morris, he explains his election prediction. and adam west is demanding a full redown in his florida county. the colonel is here and calling the whole process a sham. and allegations of voter fraud surfacing in pennsylvania and ohio. we will investigate when we come we will investigate when we come back.
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>> greta: we are almost one week removed from the election and my next guest isn't getting out of his seat just yet, allen west is demanding a full recount. now this, latest challenge after a partial recount of early votes in a county conducted and voting irregularities are not confined to florida.
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there are reports of unusual trends, rom fee did not get a single vote not one of 59 voting divisions in philly. in ohio, obama won 100% of the vote. here is more with the sus spishus voting trends, alan west. 59 divisions, 19,605 votes for obama. zero for romney. that is amazing and in ohio, let's see. we've got interesting numbers here. 31 of 88 counties have voter registration over 90%. some counties have 109% registered voters for every 100 people eligible and then, we have 21 districts in cleveland got 99% of the vote. what do you make of this? >> well, the thing that spurred our curiosity is that
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in 1:00 in the morning on election night all of a sudden there was a 4,000 vote swing took me from being ahead to put the lead into my opponent's hands. what the supervisor of the county saying is that they went back and they did a recount of the early votes that they'd counted, first three, four days. what we're asking is simple. let's have a full recount of all of the votes, the early votes, because to have a full 4,000 vote swing in a 35 minute period is unconscionable. it became the basis of the reason. >> they counted the votes then recounted them at stk at night, then found 4,000 votes? they made a mistake the first time? >> that what they're saying. the fact is that -- we've already had a partial recount. and she promised a full recount yesterday, on sunday. we paid 535 votes.
9:17 pm
so we're at.58%. >> these are early votes. you're head then, they redid them and we made a 4,000 vote mistake? 4,000? >> we're ahead by about 1800, 2000 votes, then it swung to the other side and all of a sudden he was ahead at 1:00 in the morning. we're asking for -- first there are many irregularities with the actual amount of bas counted. there are instances where polls were locked and also, walker announced on saturday, that she would do a full recount of the early votes sunday but came back and only did last three days that is another violation of florida statute. i think we need to make sure we have a fair democratic process. >> sean: do you think
9:18 pm
something is fishy is here? in philly, 59 divisions that, not one person voted 19,605 votes for obama, none, zero for mitt romney? 59 divisions do you think that is possible? >> i don't live up in philadelphia or in the area so i'm not familiar but i will tell you indicators are warning that that probably should not be happening. but coming here there is no way walker can explain at 1:00 in the morning 4,000 votes put my opponent into the lead. everyone asking her about this, she's refusing to do the right thing, by the voters and congressional district 8. >> this is not about me. it's not about me. i know that democrats would like to see me gone but should not do this at the expense of americans. >> sean: let me ask you. do you think that democrats
9:19 pm
are opposed to you because you're an african american conservative? i saw ads run which were despicable in, your district? >> there is no doubt about it. i find funny how liberals will complain republican party needs to have more different faces. as soon as a different face steps up, they attack you. >> sean: i would like to get to the bottom of the election if for no other reason american people need to know results we have free, accurate elections, congressman you've been a great advocate for conservative values and i wish you the recount. >> thank you. happy veteran day absolutely. we'll have more to say on that later in the program. coming up, dick norris so far off on predictions, why? and getting into a glimpse of what next four years of obama will bring. i can sum it up. regulation.
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what plans does this president have in the works? we'll check in with carl rove straight ahead.
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>> now a week ago tonight my next guest predicted gov. mitt romney would not only win the election but it would be a
9:24 pm
landslide victory with romney winning 325 votes. remember this. >> it's going to be -- well, you can call it a landslide or not, but 325 to 223 is pretty landsliding in my view. >> unfortunately that was not the case as romney only had 206 electoral votes. former clinton advisor dick morris is here. dick, i have to tell you something. people are furious with you right now. you probably know it. >> well, i'm not sure -- i don't know if furious with me. i hope they aren't. i called it as i saw it from the polling. and i did the best i could and i also worked very hard for romney. there were two things, obviously. one, of course, was the storm. we couldn't poll during the period of the storm because there were no phones available. so there were no published or private polls during that period. an indication of how important
9:25 pm
the storm was is that there were only two states in the country where obama actually increased his vote share from 2008. otherwise he went down, of course. and one was alaska because palin wasn't on the ticket and the other was new jersey where i performed two points better than he did in 2008. so obviously the impact of the storm was enormous. and in the exit polls, 15% of the voters said it was the number one factor, and 40-something percent said it was an important factor. the other one is more serious, which is the demographic changes in the country. i think i always said on your show, and maybe you also have that tape where i said that if the demographic turnout is the same as these pollsters are saying, of course obama is going to win. but then i said in the next sentence but it won't be because of the high unemployment, and disillusion meant with obama. but i was wrong. it was exactly the same and with young people even higher than it
9:26 pm
was in 2008. and this reflects a permanent demographic change in the united states. it is no longer a country run by white married men and married women. by the time you add up blacks and latinos and single women and young people, you are talking about close to half the vote. and the democrats win that half of the vote almost four to one wishes means the republicans have to win everybody else by more than 3-1 to be able to win. and i hope people aren't mad at me about it. >> they will get over it. >> i spoke about what i believed, and i think there was a period of time when the romney campaign was falling apart. people were not optimistic. nobody thought there was a chance of victory. and i felt it was my duty at that point to go out and say what i said. and at the time that i said it, i believe i was right. in the week since the aftermath of the storm, romney momentum dropped dead.
9:27 pm
benghazi stuff stopped being covered, and i think that made me wrong. but i have no apologize for what i said when i said it. >> if you look at jim garity, florida, ohio, virginia and colorado on the corner 407,000 votes in the states, he's president. and they had it down as low as 333,000. i don't think we have the final numbers in yet. it wasn't 3 million fewer voters for romney very mccain, it was 1.3 but a million came from california which wasn't going to have an impact on the race. and obama is down from 2008. does it matter? but it's interesting. >> i thought the fascinating thing about it, sean, was that when you take the states obama carried that were not swing states, his vote share dropped by 2 points, 4 points. on the once that were swing states that he carried it dropped by almost the same, 2 points, 1 point. but 90% of the money was spent
9:28 pm
in the swing states. and we all, politicians, have to go back to the drawing board because basically, fundamentally the campaigns didn't matter. what mattered were the debates, the storm, the convention, benghazi, the jobs report, the unemployment rate, not those tv ads we all ran. >> there were two things i would improve upon if the republicans want to listen to me. i'm a register conservative. number one, i think it was a mistake not to be more aggressive in the third debate in particular. i don't know who came up with that idea but i said it at the time i thought that was a mistake. and if you look at the democrats, they never left ohio in 2008. they parked, they stayed, they identified every voter and they got them all out in twelve. there's something, you know, i wouldn't -- i wouldn't adopt their model of a mean, vicious campaign predicated on lies and ruining the character of a good man, mitt romney. i wouldn't lay politics that way.
9:29 pm
but you can learn from them. i mean, in terms of the way they got their vote out. i think there's something to be learn for the ground game. >> if we are talking about critiquing the cane, i would add two other points. i agree with both of yours. one was that i thought it was very important for them to answer the bain capital attacks early in the campaign when they were being made. instead there was hundreds of millions of unanswered negatives. and the second is that i would have talked about obamacare and rationing and federal death panels a lot more. >> remember, because he didn't get nominated until august. he had to sit all summer long and all that money obama had the -- >> super pacs could have done that. they were negative. >> to your credit, i'm going to give you a lifeline here and the lifeline is you were way ahead of the curve in 2010. this is not a perfect science. you give your best guess based
9:30 pm
on -- >> remember the e-mail i september but the storm? i wrote a column about you and you wrote back are you hedging? >> i did. >> and i should have stayed on that road. but i want to say one other thing, sean -- >> we got to roll. >> the republican party will recover. because ultimately this president's policies are wrong and they will lead to an economic collapse in the second term which is going to make the republican party look great >> i predict we will see a lot of it in 2013. not far away, sadly. dick, thanks for being with us. we appreciate your time. coming up next the president has big plans for the next four years. we know taxes are going up, but get ready because he has some plans for some very radical regulations. what are they? karl rove will explain next. and actress melissa joan hart did the unthinkable in hollywood. she supported mitt romney. she tells us about the brutal backlash she received after backlash she received after publblblblbl [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
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>> greta: while campaigning the president promised he'd make americans quote pay their fair share. 59 million people voted against his class warfare rhetoric, his supporters now claiming he has ability to raise your taxes it came down to battle ground states. does the president feel he wants to mandate? >> how about this particular
9:35 pm
issue? it was close. as i said if you look at the exit polls, it was around 60% of the american people agreed with the president's condition. >> i think the president has a clear mandate... he made it central of his election of the people in this country gave him a resounding victory on election day. >> he was honest about something while running for reelection. the fact he wanted to raise taxes but there is something he didn't want to you know about before casting the vote. that, of course is a plan tochl pand the role of government in your life. accord together federal register in 90 days approximately 900 new government regulations have been post that had will impact nearly every single aspect of your life. now in, addition to the price tag accompanying the rules and nothing short of stunning during his first three years obama's quote significant
9:36 pm
regulations were estimate add cross $19 billion. here with reaction is the architect, carl rove. just cutoff is.6 million acres in the west. >> days after the election, the president takes 1.6 million acres available for development of shale and oil. and takes them out of there, closes them off. and what has he done two days before? >> you mentioned, the regulations in the last 90 days, national federation of independent businesses estimates there are costs to our economy would be $515 million for those 4100 regulations. they're in the pattern of waiting to land on our
9:37 pm
businesses and our own communities. and that doesn't include some of the big ones. there is a rule call that would take 8% of american power generations to pass off line overnight, power generation. that would, i was talking with a business guy in northeast ohio told me this will cause rates in his company to go up overnight, 30% to 40% because this is going to cost his job and prosperity. we've got to be regulations and put a camera on every car and truck. there are rules out of the financial secretarier, we've got department of labor regulations to drive up the cost of planning for retirement. we've got obama qair a slew of regulations that are statutory. behind deadlines we've got epa. epa. >> america is a getting the
9:38 pm
government they veefsh, for a lot of these republicans you bet obama. good luck with that. let me ask you this. as republicans move ford we have the president able to skate to the finish line. not answer questions about benghazi before, during and after. and he lied to the american people as evidenced by the fact they saw this in realtime. you've got iran, a drone shot at. he doesn't tell the american people. now, we're seeing he may have known about petraeus, what does that mean? >> he thinks he's hiding a ball from us. on the subject of regulation, the flexibility act requires president of the united states to send to the congress in april and october the agenda of all of the economically significant rules that are in the pipeline. the president did do it in april. he's required by law to do it.
9:39 pm
the president has a press score when he does things like that, like benghazi and the case about what he required or ordered to be done that wasn't done in benghazi, what did he know about david petraeus? he just ignored it. they're not going to ask you about it. >> i would think, let me ask you think. >> good luck with that. i love your youthful idealism. really good. really good. >> okay. let me ask you think. this, look. house republicans got their mandates, too. as far as i know there is not one house republican elect that had ran on a platt form of raising taxes. now, if they don't hold the line, i can tell you me, and other people out there are going to be angry. they've got their own mandate out interest.
9:40 pm
>> yes. look. republicans have got to hold firm on tax rates. it's been the key to economic growth. look. president did make this campaign about raising taxes on the rich. about the fact he's running against a cayman island bank ak.s this is a second thing i've said is that the president got reelected by sending out for success. i will limit the size of government. and barack obama opposed president obama from the moment he came to the united states senate in january, 2005, tried to defund the iraq war, called the president unpatriotic, tried to undo the bush tax cut, opposing bush every step of the way. so who is he to lecture us now? is there a chance to honor the
9:41 pm
mandate of george w. bush? he said forget it do you agree with me? boehner and republicans need to hold the line? >> yes. but i'm in favor of tax reform that will generate more tax revenue by economic growth. >> and karl rove, thanks for joining us. coming up next, actress melissa joan hart felt the wrath of the country life she dared to announce she was voting for mitt rom fee. and greg gutfeld debuts his new book, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] they're here! the hottest new machines of 2013,
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>> no secret the left loaning hollywood machine and the liberal stars were in the bag for the aknowned. but what happens when you are in the industry and you back a republican like mitt romney? she found out by viciously attacking and tweeting the following. can't get too much into 140 characters but for those asking i'm voting romney-ryan. and liberals responded with their hate-filled rhetoric. here's a few what they said. >> ouch. another one read:.
9:46 pm
>> and you ain't been [bleep]. and joining me now is melissa -- a lot of bleeps. nothing compared to what you really got. >> no, some of what i got was pretty disgusting. >> what do you attribute it to? why can't you be conservative or vote for a republican and work in the entertainment industry? >> i learned this pretty early on an sabrina. i was 20 when we started the show. the first time i could vote. i did my research. i asked around, asked questions, i, you know, looked up the issues and the candidates, and i decided who i was going to vote for when i walked in very proud because i grew up in the '90s where rock the vote was the big thing. go out and vote, you've got to be heard. i was proud and walk in with the "i voted" sticker and walked on the stage to start rehearsals and everyone said you voted, and i said yeah, and i said dole and i learned a lesson that day.
9:47 pm
>> rock the bowl one way, rock the receipt for the democrats or -- >> one way, yeah. it just schooled me in the fact you just don't talk about politics in hollywood and most people don't think the way you do. but i quickly found out behind the scenes that a lot of people do feel that way. but a lot of people do vote republicans. >> but they are afraid to say it? >> they are atrade to say it. >> it's almost like a black list. >> it isw it's a little scary. and i just found out there's a "wikipedia" age that says who backed romney. >> a "wikipedia" page that says which hollywood stars back romney. >> it could be used. >> you know, it's funny. i've had people that work in your industry that come up to me and they will say i really agree with you. i like what you are doing. keep it up. don't stop. but don't mention my name on the air. how do you leave your life in fear that way? >> it's a little weird. it's hard to find that fellowship but when you do, it's
9:48 pm
great. and it's hard for things like this. what's unbelievable, i live in a country where i'm supposed to be able to, you know, have this freedom to choose whoever i want to vote for, whatever reggie want. and i feel like there's these limitations. it's not like it used to be. >> you know, one of the things that really stuck out as i read through your tweets or those a that tweeted to you, a lot of people brought up how can you say that as a woman? are you that delusional? >> i got blasted a lot. i got blasted that i must hate gay people if i'm voting for romney. i didn't even say i'm republican. i just said who i'm voting for. and all i said was i'm voting romney-ryan. that's all i said. i never said anything political, never even said i was republican >> here's the theirtive. one person tweeted you so you don't think women should have healthcare, equal rights, equal pay. who supported that? >> i think it's because we only
9:49 pm
have two parties you get put in a box. if i vote for romney it must mean this. and what it is for me it priorities. my priority right now is i just had a baby 8 weeks ago. i have three boys, 6, 4 and almost two months. >> i hope they are conservatives. >> so far. >> my six-year-old wants to be president some day and i told him don't twitter pictures of your penis or anything. i don't even know where i am going now. i have three boys. my priority is my family, it's their future. so for this election i wanted to vote for their future, and to me -- the debt is the number one problem to me. and it's not, you know, some of the social issues and whatnot were not at the top of my list. >> i don't get this part. whole sandra fluke controversy. but it seems for many women it
9:50 pm
came down to birth control but not even birth control, that people ought to pay for your birth control. >> yeah. >> that to me is like -- i don't get how people think the government is going to take care of every aspect of their life because we are going to go broke. >> it's funny, the democrats will all the republicans, say that, you know, if you are not for -- if you are for -- if you are pro life, if you are for a baby, they don't think of it in terms of baby, they think of it in terms of women and republicans think about the other way, the baby not the woman. the two sides look at it very extreme and there is middle ground and i think we have it in the country. >> join the political world. you don't think it has impacted you in a negative way? >> no, it did not. it's a little scary. when i first saw it i was up at 3:00 in the morning after the election breastfeeding my baby and apologizing to him for his future. but i was just reading these
9:51 pm
tweeted and feeding him and it was so hurtful and i started to get upset over it. then i thought after a day or two went by i thought i'm not going to go on twitter anymore. i have to delete my account. but i don't put out hate and i don't want to see hate on my twitter fee. if you don't like what i say, don't follow me. that night i gained 20,000 followers. i may have lost 3,000,, but i gained more. >> thank goodness you speak out. i think more people should. regardless, even liberals. they can come on this program. they are always welcome. >> thank you. >> coming up, greg gutfeld premieres his brand new book, the joy of hate. i'm hated by a lot of liberals. we will find out what that's about next.
9:52 pm
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>> as you heard, the left is less than tolerant. and they have a disguise for the perfect in it will answer. that's what my next guest's book exposes. it's the joy of hate. >> you know, i just go because. >> you want me to leave? >> no, no.
9:56 pm
the double standard. the hate that comes from the left. it drives me nuts. >> i believe artificial tolerance is at the root of all evil in the world. it provides cover for some of the mosten tolerant people alive. it allows them, because they are part of the greater good, as they believe. they can say anything they want to you. for example, in this election, if you happen to support anybody but president obama, then according to the tolerance. it was okay for them to call you a racist or anything at all >> it's true. >> and there's no way you can prove otherwise to them until you agree with them which is the other funny thing about being part. what i call them at the toleadi. they claim to be tolerant until they meet a conservative orally rarian. ite like a murder of crows or the perhaps hollywood. >> the double standard is clear. i mean, from everything from
9:57 pm
the -- i think the president ran a dirty campaign, and it works. every election season they can scare granny, they can say the most awful things in this case about a good guy, mitt romney, they can play the race card and get way with it. it works. >> because they are rating from the assumption the end justifies the means. if they are working for the greater good, so no matter what they do, they can be as evil as they want because in then they are a nicer person. for example, when you are in college and you are around left wingers, they never paid for anything. it was always -- it was always the quiet, unassuming mitt types thanked up having to buy the toilet paper. >> talk about the double standard exists all over the lace. christians, you can beat the living crap out of them and make fun of them, but god forbid you put out a cartoon about muslims. why the double standard? >> i think because they are scared. i call it islama phobia. the fear of being accused of
9:58 pm
being islamaphobic. >> well, now i can't wait for the headlines. >> i was testing the toll ran of the folks that were building the 'being downtown by the ruins of the world trade center by trying to build a gay muslim bar there to see how they will feel and they didn't like it. that was a big surprise. >> then you have the va joina demigods and fluke for life or however you pronounce her name. >> i have a problem with the war on women thing. i hate all whiners, male or female. >> you said that in the beginning of the book. >> exactly. i have a big problem with it. it's not sexist to feel discomfort when people are demanding things that they can afford. and i think that's where we are at right now. we are creating a culture of sensitivity where you cannot go and get a job without hurting somebody's feelings or it being translated into bigotry or sectionism. and you are complimenting them. >> you think i'm going to say everything and then come after
9:59 pm
me and you don't care. i like that. >> well, my wife cares. >> why? >> she's the one that forces me to wear a disguise when i go out. no. it's fun to do. and i'm guilty of, i think, of hate, too. it feels good to get angry. >> you don't hate. >> i like the feeling of the adrenaline rush of being angry. i think we all do. >> i don't hate anybody. >> you are a happy guy. >> yeah. >> let me tell you one thing about elections. everything you want to say about the government, i want -- i think we are headed for trouble, bad trouble. but, you know, everyone out there, they get to between how to raise their kids. it's up to you. you control your life more than the government does. >> yeah, yeah. >> i love the book. congratulations. >> thank you. >> and there it is, "the joy of hate." before we go tonight, and i know greg grease with me on this veteran's day, i want to honor and thank all of the heros who have served in the u.s. armed services. we are grateful for your

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